• Amber Wright

Debt is Currency

Many people think that debt is bad and getting out of debt and staying that way is ideal as taught in Personal Finance courses. To challenge this idea, let us ask, what is currency, what is the dollar? Let’s take a look at some history of what backs the dollar and gives it value.

In 1961 due to high inflation and a gold run looming, Robert Nixon “took us off the gold standard and the USD became debt”.

According to Robert Kiyosaki in the video below, credit is the power to spend. And when you spend, this equals debt. He said he is 6 million in debt! And the more debt you have, the less taxes you pay! He says that Debt is Power and Money is Credit, the people who save get poor. From this perspective, creating wealth means moving money around!

People who invest in mutual funds, stocks, bonds, and ETF’s are temporarily rich, since they can lose it all in an instant. There IS a way to have money grow in a secure non-volatile vehicle, reach out to learn more.

To be an entrepreneur requires a strong financial education. The most valuable asset in the equation is you, how well you manage your time and your personal value. That along with how much you can sell and produce, and how well you are able to help people.

Being Rich does not depend on how much money you have, it depends on how well you develop and use the energy you do have.

Robert Kiyosaki - Rich Dad, Poor Dad: How To Use Debt To Get Rich


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